Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack who lived just outside of a land known as Beantown.  Jack was no ordinary boy.  In fact, he was half English and half French and 100% American.  Now that’s alotta boy!  Because he was alotta boy, Jack had a super-sized personality and made friends everywhere he went.  He never hit and he never screamed and he always shared and he always smiled.  More than anything, he loved his family – but eating was his second passion.  Jack loved to drink the milk from the chocolate cows and eat the nuggets made of chicken from Old McDonald’s Farm.  One day, when Jack was very young, he got a tummy ache and had to go see the doctor in Beantown.  The doctor gave Jack all kinds of beans to make his tummy ache go away, but none of the beans worked.  Not gemcitabine.  Not decitabine.  Not kidney beans.  Not even jelly beans.  What he needed were magic beans. Jack’s family searched high and low for something to make Jack’s tummy ache go away.  They went to far away kingdoms and far away lands, but they couldn’t find the right beans anywhere.  Then Jack took a trip to a place called The Rainbow and got in a helicopter and flew until he was Somewhere Over.  From there, he dropped a little burlap bag down to his little family below and in the little bag were a handful of little beans and on the little bag there was a little note that said, “Behold the Magic Beans!  Please share these with my friends.  With love from Jack.  (p.s. don’t forget to water them)”.  So Jack’s family took the beans home and watered them everyday with great big teardrops.  Nothing happened at first and Jack’s family got sadder and sadder.  After a thousand days and nights, one of the beans started to sprout.  And it grew, and it grew, and it grew.  So Jack’s family set up some climbing holds along the great stalk and Jack’s sisters would climb up and down all day long.  One day his three sisters climbed up extra high, right up through the white puffy clouds and beyond.  When they came back they were carrying so many riches, they could barely climb down the beanstalk.  One had her fists and pockets full of gold circle coins.  Another had a rooster that lays golden eggs and the third sister had a golden harpoon ale.  “Where in Heaven did you get all that gold!” their mother cried.  “Don’t be mad, but we stumbled upon a village up in Beanstalk and we told the village people the story about Jack and they gave us all this gold,” the girls explained.  “Yeah,” said the biggest sister, “the cop was a little stingy, but the construction worker and Indian chief were super generous!”  So the girls cashed in their gold at a reputable jeweler and gave the money to all of the other sick children like Jack.  And they lived happily ever after.